What people say about us………

 Its always good to provide references when presenting a service, so here are some comments from people who have worked with us, starting with Linda Tellington-Jones, the person who founded TTouch some thirty years ago.  We have been privileged to work with Linda a great deal over the last eight years, and we value her comments!


Linda Tellington-Jones: 

“Their decades of experience in the world of dogs and their dedication to sharing this work makes them skilled teachers and guides to a new way of being with your animals.  Frances and Wendy are two of our most talented and experienced TTouch practitioners.”


Wendy Menzie, NY:

“Lessons were concise and informative—given in a warm and friendly manner.  Information was personalized.  I truly found this course invaluable.  It opened my eyes and my heart to the possibilities of relationship with my animals.”

Steve Junn, WA:

“This was an excellent course.  It helped me understand my own dogs much better and gave me tools for improving their health and well being.  I would take the course again without hesitations.” (breeder/exhibitor

Debra Furphy, NJ:

“Clear, concise, simple terms without ‘talking down’. Loved it!  This will change our lives!  Thank you both.”

Shelley Vaccaro, CT:

“I have seen a marked improvement in the bitch I grought to the clinic, as well as all my dogs.  I feel I have some of the proper tools to use with my dogs.” (breeder/exhibitor)

Pat Meek. NY:

“Wendy and Frances’ extensive training is combined with the knowledge they’ve gained in a long history of working with animals.  The depth and scope of their experiences and the stories they relate are instructive; it helped with the variety of techniques and in understanding TTouch philosophy.  I was particularly impressed with the leaders’ ability to honor with integrity a wide range of people and concerns.”

Sharon Jankowski, PA:

“There was just the right amount of depth and detail.  I appreciated/enjoyed the calm, relaxed presentation.  You both speak thoughtfully and with care—so that I could take in easily what you were saying.  It’s clear that you are both doing what truly fits you.  That calm and centeredness is welcoming and comforting, a gift in good teachers.  I will fit this work right into my teaching and into my private behavioral work with dogs.”

Shannon Hokanson, NJ:

“Instructors were keenly aware of needs of participants, flexible in schedule.  This is great!  I am working toward being a veterinary therapist and will use many of the techniques.”

Mark Cohen, NY:

“Very good course.  Fair to all, animal and human.  Information given in a very instructional way.”

Vanna Campbell , NC:

“I loved the presentation and was delighted with the personal attention to my own dog—and glad to see you spread the attention around to all the dogs.”  (breeder/exhibitor)

Joy Vandling, NY:

“Everything was extremely applicable.  Instructors were knowledgeable, communicated excellently, kind people.  I found their modeling of attitude toward animals (and people) themost important thing I learned because it helped me be different with all my dogs.” (breeder/exhibitor)

Gayle Rizzo, NY:

“Give and take presentation was great! Always good to get answers to gquestions as they come up—and good answers.  Cant wait for a litter of puppies to apply this to.  Various touches can be applied to every dog that I have or that comes to me for boarding/grooming.  I don’t think there is any dog that cannot be helped in some way by some aspect of TTouch.” 

Lisa Updaw, NY:

“This workshop was terrific.  I began to apply basic Ttouches to my dog and cat clients.  It was POWERFUL.  Stress release and comfort to the patients could be seen immediately in most, the few others demonstrated at least less anxiety and fear.”  (veterinary technician

© Frances Smith 2012