Our Offerings                                

TTouch has become a very significant part of our lives.  We offer

  • Private sessions with clients, either at their homes at our farm,
  • Workshops here at home on the farm and in other locations around the country,
  • Presentations for Kennel Clubs, Humane Societies, Veterinary offices, and other organizations, and demonstrations of the TTouch method with live animals for various groups. and 
  • Part of our life revolves around our continuing work with the TTouch organization (TTEAM International) and we assist our outstanding instructor team at trainings for aspiring practitioners.    

Private Sessions:  When an animal has an issue that would preclude partipation in a group setting, or when an animal’s human would like to work one on one without distractions, we offer private sessions, either at the person’s home or here at the farm.  There are occasions when the interest of the animal can be served best by being worked with in a safe, secure setting, which home usually offers.  And there are other times when it is most effective to have the animal meet us out of that home setting.  Through our initial consultation with the person, we reach a decision together as to which will work best. 

The private session is used to help the animal move into a better place behaviorally, emotionally, or physically.  We often partner with the animal’s person to help with behavioral issues, but often there is an underlying emotional issue that needs to be dealt with.  One example of this might be separation anxiety.  We have also worked with animals that have been injured or are suffering from some factor of old age.  In these cases, we often can relieve pain, help the body to accelerate healing, or extend quality of life.   

We offer to work with the person to teach the basics of TTouch while we are working with the animal, so that they can share in the change process and work with the animal between sessions.  If that’s not wanted, we focus all our attention on the animal.

We find that setting up an initial schedule of three sessions is most useful in solving issues that exist.  This allows change to be implemented gradually, with time between sessions for the animal to be able to process the work and changes to be assimilated more effectively.  It also allows the owner, if desired, some time to try out what s/he has learned of the TTouch with the animal. 

Workshops:   We offer one or two day workshops for individuals who would like an in depth learning experience for themselves and their animals.  The workshops teach the basic TTouch methods, while focusing on the issues of the individual animals that are attending.  Each workshop experience is therefore a unique learning venue, for both the animals and the people.

Workshops are an especially valuable tool for animals that need to develop new behaviors around others, and for the individual people, there is an excellent opportunity to share with others and learn by watching other animals and their people.  The participants find support from others who understand what they’re dealing with.  Often it is an amazing experience that enhances learning and change.

The workshops are most often given at our farm or in nearby Rochester, New York, although we accept invitations to provide the in other locations also. 

Sometimes an individual or organization from out of our area is interested in attending a workshop, but doesn’t want to or can’t make the commitment to travel to our area.   In this case, we are happy to travel to help make the workshop experience possible.  In fact, organizations have found this as a way to produce income for use in club activities.  Individuals have this opportunity also.  Please contact us for more  information about having a workshop in your area.

Presentations and Demos:  We do presentations for groups who are more interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Tellington TTouch method.  These presentations can range from an hour or two to a full afternoon, and in the presentations, we provide a short background of the work, along with some demonstration with humans of the TTouch bodywork.  In addition, we teach three or four of the Ttouches and give people a chance to do some guided practice.  We also speak to the uses of the TTouch work, talking about specific issues that it has been successful with.

Demonstrations usually follow a similar format, but include the use of live animals, usually dogs and/or cats, so that people can see the work done on actual living beings.  We try to pick animals that have specific issues so there is a possibility for the audience to see changes, although with this work sometimes the animal needs time for its body to process the information being given.  In those cases, change may not be seen for a day or so.  However, on our Honor Roll page, you will read about a cat that experienced a dramatic shift over a short period of time!

Please see our schedule for possibilities in your area, or think about scheduling a presentation or demonstration yourself for individuals in addition to yourself who you think might be interested in learning more!


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