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Books  and Videos:   This is our personal, biased list.  We welcome your suggestions J

If your local bookseller cannot get these books, Dogwise.com, 800-776-2665 is an excellent mail order source for books and materials.

TTouch…     Tellington Touch materials can all be ordered directly from the organization at 800-854-TEAM(8326) or from the website:  www.TellingtonTouch.com.  Browse the website for lots of general information on TTouch as well.

All the published materials are helpful and informative.  Often reading about work with a species we are not familiar with is helpful, increasing our understanding of the animals we know as well as increasing our understanding of TTouch.

TTouch Books…

Getting in TTouch with Your Cat: a New and Gentle Way to Harmony, Behavior, and Well-Being  Linda Tellington-Jones (Trafalgar Square Publishing).  This is explicit, profusely illustrated, and very informative, covering How and Why for many of the TTouches.  It also has sections on kittens, shelter cats, aging cats, bringing a new cat home, and other situations common to cat families.  Our favorite resource about cats.

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog: a Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance  Linda Tellington-Jones (Trafalgar Square Publishing). A clear “how to” describing the ttouches and their uses.  It provides detailed information in sections about “what it looks like”, “how to”, and “what you should do if”.  Well illustrated with many photos and drawings.  Great information for you and your dog! The companion 45 minute video Unleash Your Dog’s Potential: Getting in TTouch with Your Canine Friend has Linda clearly demonstrating the ttouches and groundwork.  If you learn through watching, this is for you!

The Tellington Touch: a Breakthrough Technique to Train and Care for Your Favorite Animal Linda Tellington-Jones (Viking Penguin). Covers case histories of domestic and zoo animals encountered in Linda’s odyssey, this generalist book tells about the evolution of the work and gives some how to information.

Let’s Ride! Linda Tellington-Jones (Trafalgar Square Publishing).  Done as a children’s book, this is fun reading for all of us and gives great descriptions of the ttouches.

Improve Your Horse’s Well Being: a Step-by-Step Guide to TTouch and TTEAM Training  Linda Tellington Jones  (Kenilworth Press). Describes the body work and groundwork applied to horses.

TTouch Videos…

A TTouch of Magic for … (One for dogs, one for cats, and one for horses) Linda Tellington-Jones and her sister Robyn Hood  shw the ttouches, and (wih the exception of cats) the groundwork.

Tellington Touch for Happier, Healthier DogsTellington Touch for Happier, Healthier Cats  Heartworks. Early, simple videos showing the work.

There are a number of horse videos.  If you are interested, call or go online for more information.   

 Understanding Animals…

These four books are excellent for expanding our awareness about and understanding of animals.  Titles all speak to dogs, but all animals have calming signals, humans have primate type characteristics around all other animals, humans communicate with other animals.  We think they are each worth a look, no matter what species is your favorite.

Bones Would Rain From the Sky: Deepening Our Relationship with Dogs  Suzanne Clothier (Warner Publishing).  Suzanne’s focus on healthy relationships and humane training is unequalled. She has also published 7 excellent booklets through her Flying Dog Press, 800-7-FLYDOG,www.flyingdogpress.com  Be sure to browse some of the many excellent articles and all the excellent information she has on her website. 

Booklets available from Suzanne:

Body Posture & Emotions: shifting shapes, shifting minds

Finding a Balance: Issues of power in the human/dog relationship Following Ghosts: Developing the Tracking Relationship Physical Therapy for the Canine Athlete                                        The Seven C’s: a Guide to Training and Relationships Understanding and Teaching Self Control                 Understanding Puppy Testing

Additionally she has produced a very informative video, Your Athletic Dog   It comes accompanied by an excellent workbook and works with ways to increase flexibility and function.

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals Turid Rugaas (Legacy by Mail, Inc.)  A MUST HAVE for understanding much of your dog’s behavior.  This book is “consciousness raising” for whatever animals you are interacting with.  Excellent video of the same title also available.

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. (Ballantine Books). Humans, and other primates, exhibit a series of behaviors that can be difficult for those of a different genus to comprehend. With warmth and humor the author shows us how some of our behaviors are counterproductive to our helping other animals know what we want.  Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D has written and co-written other readable how-to books and booklets, including Beginning Family Dog TrainingPuppy PrimerI’ll Be Home Soon!, and The Cautious Canine. Enjoy her website:  www.dogsbestfriendtraining.com.

The Rosetta Bone:The Key to Communication Between Canines and Humans  Cheryl S. Smith (Howell Book House) Cheryl clearly enjoys the companionship of all kinds of animals, particularly dogs, and helps us to be clearer in our efforts to communicate.  Photos, drawings and quotes from other respected trainers complete the good information.

Human Relationships with Other Animals

Animals as Teachers and Healers  Susan Chernak McElroy  (New Sage Press).  These true stories and reflections demonstrate a reverence for life.

Intimate Nature edited by Linda Hogan, Deena Metzger and Brenda Peterson (Ballantine Publishing Group).  Essays, stories and poems all based on the premise that we share the earth with all beings.

Kinship with the Animals  edited by Michael Tobias and Kate Solisti-Mattelon (Beyond Words Publishing).  Comprised of eclectic and engaging essays about enriching our relationships with all living beings.

Next of Kin  Roger Fouts  (William Morrow and Company).  The author began his career studying the chimpanzee and his response to learning to communicate through signing.  Working with these other creatures, who share 99% of our DNA led Fouts to a deep appreciation of and friendship with them.

The Parrot’s Lament and Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence and Ingenuity Eugene Linden (Dutton)  The title truly describes the book.

Training… (Clicker Training & Other Positive Methods)

In the past twenty years most training has moved away from the military model based on training by correction to the positive training model of giving direction.  Tellington Touch, often at the leading edge, has from its inception 30 years ago incorporated positive methods. 

Current training methods make use of the extensive information on learning that has been amassed. It incorporates information from researchers who looked for ways that schools and businesses could teach students and employees more effectively and successfully. It also integrates learnings from marine mammal training, training that is inherently non-coersive (e.g. you cannot put a chain collar on a dolphin). 

Delightfully, for many of us, when animals are trained positively, they are encouraged to try different behaviors to see if it is something the human wants.  If it is, great, they receive a reward.  If not, they are safe in trying something else.  People and animals are having more fun.

Clicker Training…

Clicker training is positive training using a sound (click) to indicate to the animal that what is JUST did is good, and that a reward is coming as a result.

Karen Pryor’s company, Sunshine Books, 800-47-CLICK(25425) www.clickertraining.com is publishing most of the clicker material.  There are many downloadable, short articles at the website.

Clicker Training For Obedience Morgan Spector (Sunshine Books) In spite of our not currently competing in obedience, this is our personal favorite book because we really like Morgan’s attitude about the animals.

Clicking with Your Dog: Step-by-Sep in Pictures  Peggy Tillman (Sunshine Books) This is the book Karen Pryor is recommending for human-canine relationship building.

Don’t Shoot the Dog Karen Pryor (Sunshine Books) Reinforcement theory from one of the pioneers in the field, talks about using behavioral training with people, dogs and other animals.

Lads Before the Wind Karen Pryor (Sunshine Books) Originally published in 1975.  Karen has republished this account of her pioneering logical, behavioral research when training porpoises in Hawaii.

Quick Clicks: 40 Fast and Fun Behaviors to Train with a Clicker Mandy Book/Cheryl S. Smith (Legacy by Mail) The authors’ enjoyment in working with dogs shines through the text and photos.  Lots of great activities for you and your pal.

Clicker Magic!  Karen Pryor. Video.   Karen narrates and explains the skills of pacing and timing for clicker success.  Sometimes she is talking other folks through it and sometimes she demonstrates the clicking and treating.

Other Positive Training Methods…

Positive, reward based training, without the use of a clicker to mark the desired behavior, is also very successful.

There are a lot of very good books out there and to include all of the valuable ones, this list would be unwieldy and long.  Unfortunately, there are also books out there whose authors give only lip service to positive training.  Their philosophy and methods belie what they say.  Check out new books to see if you feel good about what the author proposes you do with your dog.

A small sampling of some of the good books and savy author/trainers follows.  Some of the books go back to the early nineties, and were on the forefront of the positive training movement.

Terry Ryan is a wonderfully positive trainer who clearly enjoys dogs, and trains in a way that encourages everyone she works with to benefit from that same enjoyment.  She has written The Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog (Howell Book House), as well as a number of excellent booklets such as “Games People Play to Train Their Dogs,” and “The Bark Stops Here,” published by her Legacy by Mail.  Her website iswww.legacycanine.com.

“Paw-sitive” Dog Training: a Fun and Simple Guide Allan Bauman, CPDT (Self Published)abauman76@aol.com Allan gives the trainer ways to have fun and work with the dog so the two become a team.

Good Owners, Great Dogs: A Training Manual for Humans and Their Canine Companions Brian Kilcommons with Sarah Wilson (Warner Books) Urges trainers to be “Fair and Firm while having Fun,” Brian shows way to work with your dog for basic learning and problem solving.

Never Say No! The Complete Program for a Happier and More Cooperative Dog Dr. Roger Mugford (Berkley Publishing Group). Mugford, designer of the Halti (comfortably fitted head collar), starts with information about dog psychology, and then applies that to training.

Lucy Won’t Sit: How to Use Your Body, Mind and Voice for a Well-Behaved Dog  Claudeen E. Mc Auliffe, M.S. (Dog Haus).  Claudine teaches us to communicate and to lead our dogs more clearly in order to improve life for us and them.

Brain Research,  Neurophysiology, Etc…

Tellington TTouch uses body work and ground work to influence behavior.  These books address the ways TTouch can affect behavior and well-being.

Emotional Intelligence  Daniel Goleman (Bantam Books).  Readable and fascinating presentation of brain and behavioral research.

Infinity Walk: Preparing Your Mind to Learn  Deborah Sunbeck, Ph.D (Jalmar Press).  Deals with human learning difficulties and creating measurable neurological improvements.

Molecules of Emotion  Candace Pert (Scribner)  Molecular biologist Pert offers scientific proof of cellular memory, and evidence of the union of mind and body on the molecular level.

Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head  Carla Hannaford, Ph.D (Great Ocean Publishers).  About the role of movement and the body in thinking and learning.


Linda studied this human body work befor inspiration led her to the TTouch.  It is a very special method of body education for people and many of its principles are those of TTouch as well.

For more information or to locate a Feldenkrais Practitioner near you contact The Feldenkrais Guild, 800-775-2118.  Sam Nelson, our local Feldenkrais Practitioner is available at 585-264-1846, or samnel@aol.com.

Awareness Heals: the Feldenkrais Method for Dynamic Health  Steven Shafarman (Addison Wesley).  Clearly presents the Feldenkrais Method and offers many guided lessons.

Awareness Through Movement Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. (Harper and Row).  The originator of the work explains it.

Relaxercise: the Easy, New Way to Health & Fitness  David Zemach-Bersin, Kaethe Zmach-Bersin, Mark Reese (Harper and Row).  Relaxation work based on the acclaimed work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Singing With Your Whole Self: the Feldenkrais Method in Voice  Samuel H. Nelson, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Blades (Scarecrow Press).  You do not need to sing to appreciate and benefit from the lessons in this excellent new book.

Animal Food…

Food, and pet foods, are big business in this country.  What your animal eats can be reflected by his health and behavior.  Good food is as important for them as for us.

Foods Pets Die For  Ann N. Martin  (New Sage Press).  Discusses the lack of regulation in the pet food industry, and the problems it can cause for our canines.

People Food for Dogs Katie Merwick  (Elfin Cove Press).  Similar to above with much label reading information along with many recipes.


Any of these books are only recommended as an adjunct to your developing a good relationship with you own veterinarian and working with your veterinarian for the best possible care of your animal!

Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine  edited by AllenM. Schoen, DVM, MS and Susan G. Wynn, DVM (Mosby).  Large, technical handbook with a good chapter on Tellington Touch (TTEAM).

Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook  Delbert G. Carlson, DVM and James M. Giffen, MD (Howell Book House).  A good general how to for first aid, with information about other health problems.

 Four Paws, Five Directions  Cheryl Schwartz, DVM  (Celestial Arts). Covers the range of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for canines and felines.  Lots of clear diagrams and accessible information.

Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog  Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown, DVM  (Howell Book House)  In-depth discussion of dogs’nutritional requirements, with their own recommendations for preventing nutritional deficiencies.

Natural Dog Care and Natural Cat Care  Dr. Bruce Fogle  (Firefly Books).  Details allopathic and complementary treatments, recommending both.

Natural Health for Dogs and Cats  Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD & Susan Hubble Pitcairn (Rodale Press).  One of the early guides to natural health, with lots of raw food recipes.

Treating Animal Illnesses & Emotional States with Flower Essence Remedies  Jessica Bear, Ph.D., N.D. and Tricia Lewis  (Richmond Rose Publishing).  Information and recipes for using Bach Flower Essences with animals.

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