About us

Both of us (Wendy and Frances) have an extensive background in working with animals in addition to the work we’ve done with Tellington TTouch.  Let’s start at the beginning, and then we’ll talk about our journey with TTouch.

TTouch:   taking us down a new and beautiful road

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During our childhoods, we both had animals as friends.  Most of Frances’ experience was with dogs and horses, while Wendy had sheep, goat, chicken, duck, horse, cat and hamster friends in addition to her dog companions.   We both enjoyed teaching our friends tricks while spending lots of time with them.

Wendy showing QuinnieGaia Futurity

As adults, our experiences blended, and together, we’ve raised and shown our beloved Scottish Deerounds for over 40 years.  Want to know more about them?  Click here.  During this time we’ve added chickens, milk goats, cats, rabbits, sheep and llamas to our family.

Ghiri Erika Echo cropped

Most recently we began to raise Icelandic Sheep, an exciting and enriching experience for us as we learn more about farming and how we can help to enrich the very earth that gives us nourishment.  If you're interested in our adventure in the sheep world, you can find our website at www.icelandicsheepworld.com        See you there!

Because of our strong connection to the Deerhounds and the extensive showing and breeding we’ve done, we were attracted to the Tellington TTouch method. because we found it was a way of making new and deeper connections with our animals that could help them learn.  It seemed to offer more compassionate ways of guiding behavior and helping with issues than traditional methods. 

Going through the two year TTouch Certification course made it clear to us that what we were embarking on was not just a new way of working with animals—it was a whole new way to view life, seeing the interconnectedness of all creatures and offering us new opportunities in developing more satisfying relationship with animals and people. 

We were certified as Practitioners I in 1997, and since then we’ve worked with private clients, held workshops at the farm and across the country, assisted at TTouch trainings, and given presentations to associations like APDT (Association for Pet Dog Trainers) and ABKA (American Boarding Kennel Association), in addition to doing presentations for various breed rescue groups, kennel clubs, and humane societies.  We currently hold the titles of Practitioners III, and we’re happy to share some of what we’ve learned with you.

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